• victoriamccombs

Love is...

They say it’s blind

that love confuses the mind and baffles the heart

They say it’s reckless

That love turns the simplest of man into a wild disposition

They say it doesn’t make sense

That love cannot be explained or reasoned by the strongest of mind

They say it’s hard to find

That love is a treasure holding itself at bay only for the fortuned few to find

But love is seeing

It’s seeing the emotion behind the words and adoring what’s behind the mask

But love is freeing

It’s feeling cherished in our weakest of moments

But love is logical

It’s choosing a path and accepting the uncertainties that come with it

But love is surrounding

It’s the affection that waits to be invited in and then consumes

Love is more than a poem

It’s the flower of spring that, on the coldest of nights, you never thought would bloom

It’s the fire that brightens the hope of the young

It’s the point where the fond heart swells to deepest desire

And it’s in that moment that all the sayings make sense

Love is blind and reckless while simultaneously freeing and logical

Love is all things, captured and repeated over time

Only when the heart is opened will you know just what you’ll find

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