About The Author

If you would have told me as a young girl that I'd be writing books for a living, I would have died with happiness. This is my dream, and I'm honored to be living it.

I write YA Fantasy. I love being transported to worlds that take my breath away. Worlds so complex and vivid, and yet I get to hold them in my hands. My writing inspirations are John Flanagan, P.W. Catanese and C.S. Lewis.

In June 2018 I signed a publishing contract with Parliament House Press for my debut novel, The Storyteller's Daughter. In October 2018 I signed my second contract. I now have a contract for the first four books in that series, which will be my only fairytale retellings. Beyond that, I have a Pirate Adventure in the making, and series with a vivid world with rich kingdoms and other races, already one book done.

Now the Fun Facts!!

I'm married to the sweetest man on earth, names Jonathan, and together we have two little boys, August and Kinnick. I stay home with the boys and pursue my love for writing and folding laundry. (One of those things was not true.)

My dad are grandpa are both authors, as will my sister be one day. My brother is a talented artist and skilled archer, and my other brother is plain brillant. They are all cooler than me. 

I love working out, but I also love ice cream so it keeps me balanced.

Above all else, I love Jesus Christ, who is the most important thing in the world.