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Coaching Packages

Write the book you were meant to write

  • Do you have ideas for a book but need help developing the story? Making the characters strong and the plot intriguing enough to capture an agent's attention? 

  • Do you need help navigating the publishing world?

  • Need someone to edit your book?

Your story matters, and I want to help make it as strong as it can be. I will walk you through all of it! I will help you create a solid outline, character charts, give you feedback on your book, offer my own ideas on plot twists or tips to make the writing stronger, and help with the query letter. I’m not just a sounding board, I am invested in this with you and will do everything I can to make your book shine.​

Find the package below that best suits your needs. Then let's connect and see if we'd be a good fit!

Creating the outline: $125

This is for writers who have the idea for a book but want help getting started. I will help you brainstorm ideas to develop the story, create an outline, envision your characters, plan time to write, and prepare you to write the book. This includes:

  • An initial email where you explain the idea for the story

  • Replies to as many emails during the month as you desire!

  • Two monthly phone calls/zoom meetings where we will go through everything from character arcs, subplots, tension, pacing, and plot twists!

  • Developing a Character Chart/Wheel (I’ll send you the download for this)

  • Together we will create a full outline so you have a bird’s eye view of your story! This is the best time to be changing elements of the story so you can go into writing with full confidence that this is a five-star book.

  • I’ll be walking you through the exact method that I use before I write to be sure that this is a full story that is the best it can be. Having this outline allows me to write faster and wards off writer’s block, especially that dreaded middle-of-the-book-slug.

  • On-going support from my IG page

Payment is made in two installments, once before our first zoom meeting and once before the second.

First five chapters and outline: $200

The first five chapters are where you lock in your readers! They are so important to a book, and deserve extra attention!

This package is perfect for those who have either written the book but know that it needs work to reach its full potential, who want to be certain the book is starting strong, or who have only started writing and want to be certain it’s headed in the best direction! This includes:

  • An initial email where you explain the idea for the story

  • You’ll then send me the first five chapters and any outline that you have (it’s okay if you don’t have one! We will create an in-depth one together)

  • Lots of feedback on the first five chapters! (Lines I loved, character intros I love, and all the feedback I have on the first five chapters to make sure your book is starting at the right place, is capturing the reader’s attention, and is off to a great start.

  • In-line edits for the full five chapters

  • Two zoom meetings! First we will meet over zoom to go over my feedback and talk about your ideas for the rest of the book and how much of an outline you already have. Then we break for two weeks, where individually we will be filling in as much of that outline as we can, before meeting again to go over our ideas and create that full outline for the rest of the book!

  • Replies to as many emails during the month as you desire!

Payment is made in two installments, once before our first zoom meeting and once before the second.

Traditional: $100 a month

This is my most helpful package! Whether you are brainstorming your book or already writing, I will come alongside you every step of the way! You can run all your ideas by me, I'll give some of my own, I will set deadlines to help the project get finished in six months, give you all my advice for editing, help create your query, and help you navigate the query trenches or self-publishing world. I am there to help with anything you need. This package includes:

  • Running any ideas by me. I will be a listening ear and give my own thoughts on what will make the book stronger

  • Monthly deadlines

  • Monthly 50 minute phone call/zoom meetings

  • As much email correspondence as you need

  • Query help

  • All my marketing advice

  • On-going support from my IG page

  • And most importantly, helping you navigate the publishing industry

For six months, we will be meeting (or until you finish the book, if you get done early) as we in-depth go through your writing and talk about the story and how it is coming. You can send me writing samples of your work as you write and I will give detailed feedback. This is not an in-line editing package, but reading your work will help me give better advice as we structure the story and characters. This package is the most in-depth and best for writers who need that extra help and support along the way.

Paid monthly at the start of the zoom meeting

Developmental editing: $500

For anyone who has completed a novel. This package includes:

Initial phone call so I know your vision for the book (what themes you want portrayed, if you are more character driven or plot driven, comparable books and authors for your writing style). Then I will read through the book and make edits (mostly centered around content) to help you prepare the book for publishing. My notes are very in-depth and will touch on everything from ‘show a little more of the setting here,’ ‘split up this description,’ ‘let’s rephrase this to say this,’ and ‘here’s some lines you can add,’ along with more overall ideas for the book.

Disclaimer: I never intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. You are never required to take any of my edits. But I will put a lot of work into my feedback because I want to help you succeed, and I know a second pair of eyes can be so beneficial for every story.

Paid in two installments, once when you send me the story and once before I send it back. I’ll return your manuscript within four weeks.

Query Pack: $50

For anyone who is ready to start querying! I will help you create or polish your query. This includes:

  • One phone call/zoom meeting so you can tell me all about the story!

  • Up to five back-and-forth revisions on the query letter

  • Help on how to find agents and publishers

  • How to know if querying is the right step for you!

Coaching for young writers: $150 (currently closed as I already have a client here)

This is for anyone under 18 who loves to write but feels lost when it comes to the publishing industry. I will help with anything you need, whether that’s answering questions about how to become published, creating your query, creating a diverse cast of characters, or writing a compelling and coherent story. This package includes

  • Monthly phone calls/zoom meetings if you desire

  • On-going email correspondence

  • All my best advice and tips to help grow your craft

(there is no time limit for this one. You hire me once and I will be your coach for as long as you need.)

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